The Dubai Stock Exchange rose 0.46% in today’s session, and the Fadex index fell by 0.04%


The performance of the UAE financial markets varied, at the close of trading today, Friday, as the general index of the Dubai Financial Market increased by 0.46%, gaining 16.69 points, to close at 3601.67 points, and the trading volume reached 186.9 million shares, achieving a value of 394.8 million dirhams through the implementation of 28.3 thousand transactions for 29 an arrow.

Seven sectors on the Dubai Stock Exchange rose, led by investment and financial services by 2.02%, followed by the services sector by 1.33%, followed by the commodities sector by 1.09%, then the banking sector by 0.43%, and finally the transport, insurance and real estate sectors by 0.17%, 0.11%, 0.1%, Straight.

16 shares jumped on the Dubai Stock Exchange, at the conclusion of the Friday session, led by Mashreq Bank by 14.66%, then the National General Insurance Company by 7.23%, and 10 shares fell, led by BHM Capital Financial Services by 8.18%, then the Gulf Navigation Holding Company share By 4.66%, while the share of Dubai Electricity and Water Authority topped the most traded list by value, with a volume of 80.9 million sheets, with a value of 230.1 million dirhams, and the share increased by 4.34%.

While the FADAX 15 index of the Abu Dhabi Stock Exchange, at the close of trading today, Friday, decreased by 0.039%, losing 3.86 points, to close at 9943.88 points, and the market capitalization closed at the level of 1.845 trillion dirhams, and the trading volume reached 411 million shares, with a value of 1.8 billion dirhams. By executing 10.5 thousand transactions.

3 sectors on the Abu Dhabi Stock Exchange fell, led by consumer goods by 1.71%, followed by the real estate sector by 0.46%, followed by the discretionary consumer sector by 0.27%, while the utilities and basic materials sectors increased by 4.38%, 4.17%, respectively, then the communications and health care sectors. by 1.35% and 1.27%, respectively.

29 shares rose on the Abu Dhabi Stock Exchange, led by “Response Plus Holding Company” by 9.6%, then “Q Holdings” by 7.93%, then “Ras Al-Khaimah White Cement and Construction Materials Company” by 4.55%, and 16 shares fell, headed by The “National Takaful Company” share increased by 10%, then the “Aram Group” share increased by 9.68%, then the “Easy Lease Motorcycle Rental Company” share increased by 6.61%, while the “International Holding Company” share topped the list of the most active by value, amounting to 300.5 million dirhams.

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