High-tech smart fitness mirrors that encourage you to exercise


Many of the exercisers like to contemplate their images reflected in the mirrors in the gym. Likewise, a kind of high-tech smart fitness mirror has been launched that excites those who want to stay healthy and fit.

These 6-foot (180 cm) high-tech mirrors contain a computer, connect to the Internet, and also serve as a video monitor.

The mirrors work by communicating with an online trainer, who then appears on the mirror screen with your reflection.

In more advanced devices the mirror is equipped with cameras and speakers, so that the coach can monitor your movements, and suggest adjustments and changes.

Users have the option of having one-to-one or group lessons with a number of exercises, including weights, Pilates, cardio, and yoga.

In less advanced mirrors, video and audio are only one-way, where you can see and hear the trainer, not the other way around. The lessons are not displayed in real time, but are an electronic library of recorded videos that you can play.

The mirror is priced at around £1,000 ($1,300), and a monthly subscription is paid after that.

The “Vaha” was the first mirror that was put up for sale in Britain, made by a German company of the same name, and it entered the market last year.

Seeing yourself in the mirror allows the user to “adjust their shape and posture, so that they get the optimum benefits from strength training and reduce errors that may lead to injuries,” says Colin Logan, vice president of public relations at iFit.

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