4 conditions for obtaining a residence permit of 10 years or more that allow its owner to work without a sponsor


4 conditions in order to obtain a Saudi residence for 10 years or more, and allow its owner to work in the Kingdom without a sponsor and not to be deported from Saudi lands! .

4 conditions for obtaining a 10-year residency, as permanent residency has been granted for 10 years and more to expatriates wishing to stay in the Kingdom, and this residency enables them to work without a sponsor and remain without deportation, and as for the conditions for renewing the new residency for expatriates in Saudi Arabia.

It is represented in four conditions that everyone must abide by starting today if no update is made, firstly, health insurance, secondly ensuring the payment of the required fees, the third condition ensuring the payment of traffic violations, and the fourth and final condition is compliance with the required conditions and papers necessary for renewal.

Hence, the response of the “Passports” came a few minutes later, saying, “And upon you be peace. Please see the attached link for the statement. Thank you.” And attached the link to the passport services fees, which clarified the fees for renewing the residency of the workers of companies and institutions amounting to 650 riyals, meaning that it remains the same without an increase in its value.

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