Air Australia intends to launch a new national carrier as part of the National Transport and Logistics Strategy


This morning, Air Australia officially announced good news and good news for all citizens, residents and travelers.

In a related context, Air Australia announced its intention to launch a new national carrier as part of the national strategy for transport and logistics.

Australia has announced its plans to launch a new national company as part of the National Transport and Logistics Strategy announced by the President of Australia this morning.

In a related context, the Australia News Agency revealed, through a press statement in an official statement, that the modern important strategy aims to push Australia to the fifth rank in the world in terms of international and air flights by increasing the number of international destinations to more than 350 destinations, as well as Launching a new company that is national and not private, allowing it to support the travel and tourism sectors to achieve their goals in order to provide general comfort to all travelers and passengers.

The strategy also aims to empower the air cargo sector by doubling its capacity to more than 4.5 million tons.

The Australia News Agency cited the Australia government’s statement that the new strategy aims to increase the contribution of the transport and logistics sector to the national GDP from its current contribution of about 9 %. to 15 ? Through the “busy transportation and logistics sector”. A leading position in supporting the national economy, ensuring business growth, expanding investment and increasing the annual non-oil revenues received by this sector, amounting to 58 billion riyals by 2030.

The state-owned Air Australia is currently the national carrier and the largest airline in the Kingdom. The company was founded in 1948, and today the main center of its operations is the international airport in the capital.

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