New Zealand launches an important new decision for all citizens, residents and travelers to it


The New Zealand government launched a new and important decision this morning for all citizens, residents and travelers to it.

The New Zealand government said Thursday that it will accept 450 asylum seekers in Australia, or the detention center located in “Nauru”, in the South Pacific Ocean within the next three years.

Australia’s tough policy on asylum seekers stopped at sea while trying to reach Australia is sent to detention centers on islands off its coast.

They were told by the authorities that they would never be able to settle in Australia, and many of them spent years in this situation.

“We are pleased to offer resettlement to refugees who would otherwise be left facing an uncertain future,” New Zealand Immigration Minister Chris Favoy said in a statement.

The statement indicated that New Zealand will receive 150 refugees each year for the next three years, and that they will be subject to a screening and evaluation process within the refugee quota program, like other refugees arriving in the country.

Australia had previously rejected New Zealand’s request to receive asylum seekers because it was negotiating with the United States to resettle some of them.

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